When You Know You Know…

When you know you know. Don’t second guess yourself. You know.

Aways with Light & Love Angels!

Check Up Time

I am at the doctors office today for my Cancer checkup and saw this…

I just loved it and wanted to share.

Always with Light & Love Angels!

Life Is Short


Hello Angels… I reach out to you today to ask you about your intuition. Do you ask yourself questions about your love/work life, about which path to take, about life in general as a whole?  And, when you do, do you listen to the answer you receive (which would come immediately upon asking)?  That answer that comes immediately is your intuition…  I myself have learned to ask and listen to the answers that come.  They might not be the answers you’d expect, but they are the answers for you and your path.  Trust yourself Angels, trust your own intuition, have Faith and Believe…

Please take a moment and listen in on this short Intuitive Discovery video by:

Keri who is a Medical Intuitive, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Intuitive Health Coach.  Keri holds a diploma in Chinese Medicine and is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. She helps people to obtain optimal health and healing through an blend of intuition and holistic science as well as connecting people to their own inner voice.  She has helped Thousands of clients all over the world connect to their intuition, as well as guide them to lead a more joyful and soul filled life.  Keri has had a deep connection with intuition since she was a young child.  But, it was not until she was bed ridden with chronic pain and no answers as to why, that she was forced to use it for herself to heal.  Keri now helps people to realize that they are intuitive and that anyone can connect to their inner voice.



I hope this post and short video helps to assist you all in your path to obtaining and learning more about your own intuition.  I know I have learned more about Intuition by watching it so , thank you Keri.

Always with Light and Love Angels!



Good Morning Angels!  I read this today and thought I had to share this with you all.  This message and reminder comes from the one and only.. ask-angels.com

There is always support and assistance available to you. 

If you want angelic assitance in your life… 

Ask for help to invite it in! 

Then return to love. 

For it is love that creates the pathways for new levels of light to appear.

Love brings you into harmony with the guidance, gifts and Divine possibilities in store.

Love and be open… 

For when you ask for assistance from angels you will receive it. 

But may be in a way that is much different than you expect. 

❁ ૐ ❁ 

Hear more of this message from the angels here: 

A Reminder From The Angels >> 

With love and blessings, 


Thank you Melanie of ask-angels.com for sharing such a special message.    

Always with Light & Love Angels!!


Keep the Faith, Keep the Positivity, and Keep the Love my Angels!



It’s going to be a great month Angels!

Always Believe and Keep the Faith my Loves!



“If you’re unsure whether you have successfully called upon an angel, try tuning out your senses and feel (sp) with your heart. If you are receptive to it, there is a chance that you will feel your companion angels as warmth. If you wish, you can refer to the angels you call upon as guides or protectors. However you refer to angels, practice being aware of them and remember that if you ask for one, there will always be a divine presence watching over you.”





Archangel Gabriel Card Reading: “Keep Going”

Perhaps being discouraged is part of the roller coaster of creativity. During those times when you feel rejected, remember that over the years, millions of artists like you have felt the same way. The ones whose work remains an inspiration are those who listened to the inner voice and ignored any criticism or rejection.

Perhaps it’s time for you to watch a movie or read a book or an article about artists who’ve kept going in the face of criticism to remind yourself that you’re not alone. You received this card as encouragement to continue upon your path. Keep practicing your art, polishing your craft, and expressing your creativity.

Hang in there Angels!!  We are all in this Life together and are here for each other!  You hang in there and know you are loved and have many Angels around you – talk to them, ask them for guidance, and listen to that inner voice… you’ll here the response.

Always with Light & Love my Angels!


Thinking of you ALL wishing you ALL a great 4th weekend. We are a strong Country and one that Will Strive, Will Survive, and one that is the “Eye of the Tiger!”  Or, Eye of the Eagle!!


Sending you ALL Light, Love, & PEACE!