The Adventure Continues

I have been blogging for several years, first on a blogspot blog that I opened up and used for my own amusement. For a while, I was one of the …

The Adventure Continues

Why I love plastic surgery

“I am a surgeon. It is what I do.” It is early Sunday morning, traditionally a day of rest for everyone. I am up and about, soon to head to the …

Why I love plastic surgery


I recently found Yogi Bryan and do his meditations from YouTube daily now (very much needed for me).  He is not your typical teacher so please go into this knowing just that.  He uses words you might not think of using during the meditation process (keep an open mind please), but he’s really good at what he does and always makes me smile in the process.  I like that he thinks outside the box, went into this to make fun of Yoga, and now look at him. LOL 

Always with Light & Love Angels!! Namaste…

BACK on Facebook

Well well… Let’s just see how this goes. LOL

We are back on Facebook –

Testing the waters out to be sure we are good to go. 8)

Happy Monday Angels!

Personal Power New Moon in Leo with Lions Gate

This week is quite the week as we all get a deep understanding of heart versus ego insights, epiphanies with the cosmic alignment, inviting a new …

Personal Power New Moon in Leo with Lions Gate

Soul Growth

I don’t know about you but I definitely loved seeing this. my soul rejoices in such truth.

Sending you all Light and Love!

On The Energies…

We had a wave of energy come in last night that crashed into Earth’s magnetic field, opening a minor crack.  It has sparked a geomagnetic storm.  We …

On The Energies…

Energy Update- New Earth Expansion July/ Lions Gate 2021

It is here, the ground of unlimitedness of our human avatars.  The magnetic shift into new unified organic cosmos. July 2021 are preparing our inner …

Energy Update- New Earth Expansion July/ Lions Gate 2021


Case in point – Albert Einstein

Check Up Time

I am at the doctors office today for my Cancer checkup and saw this…

I just loved it and wanted to share.

Always with Light & Love Angels!