One-linerWednesday . . . the beauty that still remains



    I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains.

    •Anna Frank

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            Wednesday Wisdom …. “🤔 ‘Remember – Life Does Go On 🤔 …. “!!

            It Is What It Is

            ~~June 16, 2021~~

            LIFE GOES ON

            I’ll leave this here. I couldn’t have said it any better!



            ~Pieces of Soul Facebook Page~


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            Spell For a Better Nights Sleep

            Witches Of The Craft®

            This is a good spell if you or someone close to you us having a problem sleeping peacefully. Fill in blank with person’s name. No need for a circle or even a sacred space, just cast the spell over a person when they are ready for bed.

            Repeat spell three times. Say last line only once.

            Help ________ sleep,

            in a sleep that is so deep.

            He/She will not awake,

            until the time they are suppose to be awake.

            So mote it be.

            Copyright 2010 Lady Beltane

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              Sometimes the bridges that are hardest to cross lead to the most magical places ..

              ~ Unknown ~

              Art by James Coleman

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                      RELEASE to be FREE

                      In life and without really realizing it we as humans hold so much inside. We hold expectations of others, of ourselves, we hold onto the pain others have inflicted onto us, the forgiveness towards others, their negativity towards us or just towards life itself. We seem to hold onto all things that in their truest sense “DO NOT” serve us. There are so many things that we as humans hold onto without even realizing it both internally in our hearts and in our minds which in turn hurts our soul. We move through life shrugging things off without truly releasing it or them. We all need to be free! Free from others judgments, free from the past and its pain and/or suffering, free from all negativity in life, free from the media and its overpowering negativity, we ALL need to be FREE! So, lower those shoulders, stretch that neck from side to side and Release.

                      What you freely release, returns again in an even more beautiful, colorful and expanded way.Simran Singh

                      I couldn’t have said the above better myself!

                      Let us not forget about the word “forgiveness.” Let me just say f rom personal experience this can be very difficult to adjust to. But, at the end of the and in order to release and set yourself free both internally and externally we need to forgive. We need to forgive for ourselves and for our sanity. Though whatever has happened one will never forget but we can say to ourselves and to the universe out loud that you forgive. Say that you forgive and mean it. Whether you say it directly to that person or not you have said it out loud for yourself, to yourself, to your soul, and for your soul. You have said you forgive for your past, present, and future.

                      Now – we can all move on and be Free! Be free and continue to Release what does not serve us in a positive light. Your heart and soul is worth more so just Release to be Free!

                      Always with Light and Love Angels.

                      The Dandelion does not stop growing…



                        The Dandelion does not stop growing because it is told it is a
                        weed .
                        The Dandelion does not care what others see .
                        It says ‘ One day they’ll be making wishes upon me ‘…

                        ~ B Atkinson ~

                        Art by Pierre Marcel

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                                I am rare

                                We turn not older with years

                                Things That Make You Go Hmm…

                                Sometimes when I am at work I notice people acting a certain way towards others it always makes me go Hmm… I just sit and say to myself – I thought we left all that behind in High School – you know – the way some girls act in clicks, quick to judge, and do not know how to be a “truly” nice person as they’re only nice to your face and then will stab you in the back if you’re not careful (and some guys too). I find this very disturbing and I often find myself thinking – am I truly the bigger person here, the only true adult in this room or in this company…? Most times I just shake my head, smile, and move on. It’s truly not worth my time to try and figure it out. It’s just a mind boggle to me. I just can’t wrap my head around the way some act and treat others.

                                Quote about being the bigger person
                                52 Being the bigger person ideas in 2021 | me quotes, life quotes,  inspirational quotes

                                To me – all are equal and I am nice to everyone until I am given a reason not to be. I do not judge as that is not for me to do. I have better things to do with my time than to judge and act petty with and towards others. Life is too short people! At the end of the day I prefer to be in the Light and Love and “not” in the negativity of others.

                                How about you? Has anyone had these types of experiences with others where you just shake your head and go Hmm…

                                Thank you for listening – I just had to get it out and ask. 8)

                                Always with Light & Love Angels.

                                Who Loves Fairies