RawHyde Adventures – Angels Riding!!

Is anyone ready for a NEW Adventure!!

If so, let’s have any and all Ladies & Gentlemen check in RawHyde Adventures!


Let’s learn to ride and have adventures in this crazy time!

Me, I’ve taken a course to learn to ride and might move forward with a moderate bike to continue my learning curve.

Are there any other ladies out there who enjoy riding and men as well who ride and want an adventure? If so, chime in below and let us know. What are your plans?

Let’s all move forward in fun and enjoy life as it is too short and you can’t take it with you.

Have a great day Angels!

Rootstock helps Vitamin Angels -

Always with Light & Love!


Happy December!

I hope this email finds you all staying safe and healthy.

Me well – I’ve been busy and so sorry to have been away. Getting back to work has been taking it’s toll on me. LOL How in the heck do I get used to waking back up early? LOL

Sleepy Face Emoji

I hope you have all had a nice Thanksgiving and though times are crazy and tough now I do hope you are all staying positive for a better 2021. It’s going to be so much better – it has to be.

Sending you ALL much Love and Light!

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