Be content where you are

Aria-Bella Rises


Be content where you are, yet always strive for more.

It may sound contradictory but there is a difference with being content and yet aiming for more. Rather than not being happy where you are at and reacting to be and do more from that space.

When you can be happy where you are- you bring that sense of calm, peace and love. Which is a much different energy to desperation… which doesn’t lead you very far.

It doesn’t mean you just sit on your booty and do nothing. But it means that no matter where you are at… you can be happy and know you are okay with your lot.

From this space, you will always be shown the way to more happiness and contentment.

Desperation just leads to more of that low vibe feeling. And while you may think you are getting somewhere, it will more than likely…

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