Being Haunted… A True Story in Time for Halloween

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

Being Haunted

Most think being haunted requires a creaky old house where a person died unexpectedly. The shock of a fall, suicide, or murder traps them between our world and the next. They believe these lost souls spend their days shackled to a place and a moment in time.

That’s not always how it happens.

My house wasn’t haunted. I was.

A while ago, a high school friend recounted her experience with shadowy ghosts in their turn-of-the-century home. I envied her. I thought it would be cool to see something so extraordinary. I wondered if I would scream and lay awake night after night knowing I was watched by sleepless souls.

Be careful what you wish for.

My own experiences started with a trip to Wisconsin around 2002. Since the drive back to Colorado would take eighteen hours or more, we planned to get an early start. My husband, Danny, set the…

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Haunted at the Stanley Hotel

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

This haunting at the Stanley Hotel is absolutely true. I should know. It happened to me.

We celebrated my sister Patty’s birthday on Friday the 13th at The Stanley Hotel. Two enthusiastic friends, Connie and Donna, flew out from Madison for the occasion. After meeting at my house in Boulder, we loaded my car with our suitcases and a Ouija Board. It had never been used and I know it’s creepy, but I couldn’t help myself. There was a crisp feel to the air that November afternoon. As the foothills rose up on the side of the highway and the river tumbled by, it began to snow.

Stephen King’s book The Shining made this Estes Park hotel famous. He wrote it after his family experienced paranormal activity when they stayed in room 217. Many remember Jack Nicholson who played the possessed father in the movie and his two famous…

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Winds of life

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Blowing weak and strong
standing straight against the brunt
invisible forces wear away
one breath at a time.
A faith of belief surrounds
and perception changes daily
as time passes and still we remain
sometimes less but steadfast through
each storm that arrives,
that tries to whittle our base
and crumble the core
of love.
Born of an element
formed and created so strong,
we carry our weight and keep moving forward
belief our very foundation,
and we find in our darkest moments
the strength we share with others
to buoy the weak
and ride the wave of change,
to stay upright in the world winds
that blow fierce and relentless,
to never fall without the knowing
we shall be lifted again and again.

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Become an Adventurer

The Reflecting Pool

Positive Thought Project- And So the Adventure Begins

Adventure-an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

Adventure is a word most distance themselves from as they get older. On the adventuresurface, it sounds nice but with all adventures, there is an element of uncomfortable challenge that one tends to avoid if they can. It is the attitude of not wanting to sleep in a tent in the wilderness when there is a perfectly good hotel not far up the road.  The adventure is disregarded for the promise of comfort and ease. I urge you to put aside the desire for comfort and ease and look for the adventure in life. It is in the moments of excitement and doing something difficult you find out exactly who you are and what you are made of.  A night in a tent will make a much more interesting story than a…

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Days of Honey

A Halloween Poem: The Witch of His Dreams!

Pen & Paper


She comes to him at Midnight,

The Witch of his Dreams,

Her eyes a forest green,

Her hair, dark and long,

Her voice, a sweet magic,

Calling out his name,

He could not help but watch her,

Dance among the flowers,

Beneath a waxing moon,

She whirls and cast her spells,

Upon him,

A haunting chant she sings,

And soars into his soul,

On gossamer wings,

She whispers things he longs to hear,

Of secret longings in his ear,

She enchants him with delights,

Though she must fly into the night,

She tells him of her love,

And casts her spells upon him,

To love him evermore,

Though never shall she return,

For she was only ever,

The Witch of His Dreams.

Composed by K. D. Dowdall October 2017

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#OmensandSymbols . . . .The Deer and the Rabbit



The Deer is a symbol of the heart and the Rabbit a symbol of prosperity.
May your prosperity multiply with the speed of a rabbit as you open your
heart to the Light….

Beautiful art by Amanda Clark
Text & image source GODDESS CENTRAL

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10 of Swords

FreeBird Journeys

October 30th, 10 of Swords

Life moves in Cycles. You are at the end of a situation, you may feel a sense of loss because of this ending. Things may not of turned out as you hoped -know that sometimes things were just not meant to be OR perhaps it was a Really Difficult situation & you’re exhausted? This necessary ending is leading to a New Beginning – it could be a relationship or a career path was going nowhere? Stay strong & don’t stay in a no hope situation, there really IS light at the end of the tunnel! You can almost see it, keep going!
#GildedTarotDeck #tuesday

Tricia of
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Today’s Guidance, October 30, 2018

Debrah Rose Guidance

Today’s Guidance comes from the Whispers of Healing Oracle Cards by Angela Hartfield. Card Illustrations by Josephine Wall. Interpretation by Debrah Rose




You are being gently reminded that your needs are important, it is not selfish to put yourself first. You may be feeling depleted and run down. You may tend to give and give, without being open to receive. You are worthy.


It is important to include daily self care into your routine. Be flexible, once you regularly tune into your needs, you will quickly know just what you need on any day. It may be quiet time, a hot shower, talking with a friend, getting some extra sleep. When you make yourself a priority you have more to give.


You are just as important as anything else in your life. Prioritize you! It may surprise you how much more you will be…

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You, only you are responsible for own your happiness. No one else is! — Totally Inspired Mind

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