Pentatonix …. “🎼🎼 Ed Sheeran’s Perfect Cover …. 🎼🎼 …. “!!

It Is What It Is


~~April 13, 2018~~ 


~Pentatonix Creates ‘Perfect’ Harmonies in Latest Video~


Another cover from one of my favorite music groups.

Their talent is amazing.

Another hit for sure!!

Just downloaded their new album to in music library.


Pentatonix, the a cappella quartet, released their latest album of covers, PTX Presents: Top Pop Vol. 1 on Friday (April 13). The group has followed the premiere of the album with a new video – this time for their take on Ed Sheeran’s”Perfect”.

For “Perfect“, the well-dressed singers harmonize in various rooms of a muted old-school building as baritone Scott Hoying takes lead. At the video’s peak, cellist Kevin Olusola’s solo leads to a ballerina pirouetting, right before the group joins in on the swoon of a chorus.

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