Beautiful beaches. (4)

ART AND BEAUTY IMAGES FOR YOU Beautiful beaches (4) My dear friends At the beginning of summer, I sought for you, the most beautiful beaches in the world. I hope you like and find you pleasure. Ped…

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Amen Angel… me too!!! 💚😇

We Love to Workout


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Time flies when you’re having fun with these cute babies who turned two this month. I can hardly believe it… They have brought so much joy to our house that is surely a God send.

Happy Day Angels!!! Swnsing you all lots of Love.



My Angels, Happy Friday. I wanted to take this moment in time to say “Thank you” to ALL of my Angel followers. Your Love, comments, likes, shares, etc. are so greatly loved and appreciated from the bottom of my heart.

With that said, I wanted to share with you a beautiful photo taken by a magnificent lady, Mariel. She is a Light on this beautiful Mother Earth and I just love her and appreicate all she does. And, all she did was look up and this is what she saw…


Was I right or was I right…

My Angels, enjoy your day and know you are all Loved. Always with Light and Love!!


Here Are 10 Things I Stopped Doing That Made Me Happier

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Sunset Promise

Tumeric, the why and the how

The Dancing Herbalist

I have some odd allergies. One of them is ginger from the Zingiberaceae family. I have a slight reaction to cardamom, in the same family, but for some unknown reason I do not react to tumeric. Tumeric is a beautiful root vegetable that is commonly used as a seasoning in curries and other Indian cuisine. Personally, I enjoy putting a bit of tumeric onto my popcorn for a sweet creamy flavor.

turmericSo many people are using tumeric for their health these days because it is an excellent antiinflammatory herb. As a general rule of thumb, any herbs, spices, or foods that are bright in color are high in antioxidant molecules. The vibrant orange color of tumeric is just that. Curcumin, the antiinflammatory molecule of tumeric, lends it the orange color and associated antiinflammatory properties.

The wonderful medicinal benefits of tumeric are not limited to reducing inflammation through the whole body…

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Thor’s Cave… Stuart France

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


Had there been any doubt about where we were going next…

Which there wasn’t.



For once, our destination proved quite easy to get to.

A car park was suggested by the guidebook and in the car park were easy to follow directions.



Not too far away to be too uncomfortable.

But just far enough away to deter commercialisation.



These are all metaphors.

And the metaphors continued at the mouth of the cave.



Whose approach to the interior provided an effective deterrent against the casual tourist.

But not to us because we are not.



The thing about caves…

You never want them to end…


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Happy Friday my Angels!!! May you all have a blessed day and an even blessed weekend.


Always with Light and Love Angels!!!


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