The Power of Falls

Diary of an Aesthete

Everybody’s Free.
I Am Free.
I Have Learnt the Truth of My Freedom.
I Have Felt the Power of Falls.

Ghana. Africa.

I took myself off one morning on an expedition deeper into the lush Volta Region.
A place where mountains rise to blue skies flecked with fluttering bats, trees grow apparently to the heavens, and monkeys come down to greet you as you pass by on foot. Here, there is a wilderness. Here, there is another way of life. Here, there is a chance to delve deeper into the World, the World you somehow knew existed, but didn’t fully believe…

Ghana is wild, alive. No matter how hard history has been to her land and her people, Ghana shines with Creation.
Bright, unfiltered, vibrant spirit. This land has awakened me.

As I arrived at the small village of Logba Alekpeti, I climbed down from the hot, congested tro-tro (local bus), thanked the locals inside…

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