PULSE …. “United Forever …. Fundraiser Tomorrow …. July 3 ….”!!

It Is What It Is


~~July 2, 2016~~ 


These were Leigh’s own words the weeks after the Pulse Nightclub shooting

His show is on at Hamgurber Mary’s in Orlando every Saturday.

Leigh was shaken and emotionally spent like all of us in the LGBT community.

I know it is a rough weekend to do this …..
But, just in case … please come see us.

MANY STARS of our Hamburger Mary’s Team this Sunday!

This will be HUGE!
Carol Lee, Chavela Belleza, Kirk Hartlage, Erika Dunlap, Ginger Minj, JB Burgos, Jeff Jones, Maya Andrews Nicky Monet, The Broadway Brunch Crew, The Minx, Tia Devine and more ….
This is a personal message.

Hope you can make it.

~Leigh Shannon~


Tomorrow, July 3, a fundraiser has been organized at the Cheyenne Saloon in Church Street Station, downtown Orlando.

All are cordially invited.

We hope that many are able to join the group and celebrate…

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