Descending Into A Volcano

Ever Wondered What the Inside of a Non-Active Volcano Looks Like…


After departing Greenland with tears in my eyes, it was back on to Iceland. As much as I love Iceland and was excited to go back, Greenland was just extra special for me. There’s only been a few places I have ever felt truly sad to leave, and Greenland is one of those places. However, the show must go on, and Iceland was a pretty great place to soften the blow of the Greenland break up.

I needed to see and do something amazing to get me out of my funk, so when I heard about a place where you could descend into an actual (but non active) volcano, I was pretty damn keen.

Thrihnukagigur (pronounced three-nuke-a-ghee-gur) is a dormant volcano sitting about three kilometres from the Blue Mountains Country Park parking area and meeting spot. To get from the meeting point to the volcano, one must either hike or…

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