25 Things That Would Happen If Book Lovers Ruled the World!


The Cyborg Knight

Hayley Igarashi posted this awesome article on Goodreads on 29 September 2015. I just had to share it with all of my book loving friends!

What would the world look like if book lovers were in charge? We asked you on Facebook and Twitter, and after reading your answers, we’re ready to live in that world today. Check out the top responses—we think you’ll want to live there, too.


If book lovers ruled the world…
1. “Every rainy day would be Stay Home and Read a Book Day.” (A J MacDonald Jr)

2. “We would measure life by chapters, not minutes. Example: I’ll be there after a cup of coffee and two chapters.” (Rebecca Brewster)

3. “There would be a library on every corner…In other words, a library inside every Starbucks.” (Renee Bradshaw)

4. “We would get a free ebook version when…

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