Happy, Happy, Happy!

Jessie Jeanine

Have you ever been insanely happy?
I mean… Just stupid, crazy, BUSTING at the seams with pure JOY,
want to SHOUT it to the whole world, HAPPY?

The Pursuit of Happiness

Throw in a dose of comfort and natural EASE
that perhaps you’ve not experienced before and

Some people pursue happiness, others create it!

There may be very few, truly, worthwhile pursuits in this lifetime…
I’ve decided that happiness is one of them!
I’ve learned that saying yes to happiness and peace of mind though,
can also mean learning how to say no to the people or things that stress us out.
Regardless my friends, whether you PURSUE or CREATE it…
Learn to LIVE IT!


Life is short ~ Live it!
Love is rare ~ Grab it!
Anger will eat you alive ~ Let go of it!
Fear is a mind killer ~ Face it!
Memories are sweet ~ Cherish them!

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