Baptized at Real Life – Clermont church today! YEAH! Rob went with me. It was a great moment as It felt right and complete. After everything in my life this was something that completed my strength to fight this awful disease.  Below are pictures of the event Rob took.  Though they are a bit blurry (God bless him), you can still make out such an important time in my journey.


Thanksgiving at Randy’s. It was a nice afternoon as I have not spent any real-time with the family since all of this started. Dinner was great as always. Cheryl cooked and made sweet potatoes for Rob and I since we cannot eat regular potatoes at this time. Watching our nutritional intake you know. We left just before everyone was having dessert as I did not want to make it any harder on myself than it needed to be. I don’t eat deserts either.  Upon leaving, I said by to Randy (who was watching football and napping) and told him that I meant to tell him that I was thankful for him as my brother and being in my life. I am very thankful for my family, my whole family, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, brothers, in-­laws, sister in-­laws, brother in-laws, and everyone else I might be forgetting. Everyone has been such a big support that it has been amazing. Going through something like this makes one realize what is really important, life. Life is important and worth fighting for so that one can still be here to be around and show your family as well as tell your family how much they mean to you. I love my family so much that I cannot express it so that they each can truly understand. Their individual love, support, and strength has been just one of the things that have been getting me through this.


Rob and I went to Ocala today to visit family. We stopped by to see Uncle Jack and Aunt Jill first where Brock was there and then Heath stopped by. After a little while, we went over to see Uncle Frank and Aunt Mary where we found out that Teresa was there with her boys, Brent and Clint (?) and Trina was there with David and their daughter Brittany. It was so great to see everyone. I cannot remember the last time I saw Teresa who looks amazing. After a while and a visit to Uncle Jacks barn and his showing us how to rope a calf, we went to visit Heath at his home. We made all the rounds and then went to dinner at Harry’s in downtown Ocala where they had a big Christmas tree up and decorated for the season. It was a nice time and great to be around family.

After dinner around 7:00 p.m., Rob and I had to get back home. Anymore I find it hard to leave when visiting family. This time it was hard to leave and found myself and Trina hugging and crying at the same time. I do not think we could hold each other tight enough. The same for Uncle Jack and Aunt Jill as well as Uncle Frank and Aunt Mary. I really hated to leave and say goodbye, but made it clear I would call to let them know how I was doing with my third session and for myself I did not want to wait so long to be back.


A nice cold Saturday morning where Rob got up and went for a mountain bike ride with Karlos. I stayed home and did the usual household festivities and eventually started putting up the Christmas tree. Later that night, Rob and I went to see ICE at the Gaylord Palms and then to dinner at Villa de Flora with Johnathan and Lacey. We had a great time with good friends.


Third session of chemo, ugh… but yeah! I was a little nervous but my numbers came back great Laura said. It must be the diet or my new nutritional habits Rob has me on. Either way he is doing great looking after me. I went in at one and did not get out until 5:10 p.m. Later on I was so hungry for dinner, but that was not such a good idea. I did not feel well the rest of the night. Went to bed early.


Yeah ­ ­ December. At work and did not think I would make it through the day. On my nausea medications, but still feeling yucky. I hung in there though. Yeah me…

12­-3 to 12-4

Stayed home from work Thursday and Friday as these are my days of not feeling well. This was the third session and though I was feeling yucky, I was better than before. 8 ) I hope the fourth is better as well (it’s around Christmas time). I hope to make it to work Thursday the 24th as it is a half day and Eric wants to take us out for lunch for Christmas. I hope I am well enough, I pray I am.

12-7 to 12-13

The past week was just fine – work as usual and am feeling well. Yesterday, however, December 12th, my baby Boxer, Zak (who is 10 years old), passed away.  My ex called (we stayed in touch and I would see them every weekend – leaving Magnum and Zak was the hardest thing in the world) to tell me and said he passed in his sleep.  He laid down next to the bathtub (one of his favorite places to sleep) and never woke up. The saddest thing ever! I love him so much. He was the best Boxer ever (next to Magnum). He waited for me to get there before he did anything so I could say goodbye.  It was sad to see him like that and have to bury him. I kept expecting him to jump up with that little wiggle butt of his. When he got excited he would wiggle his whole body into a “U” shape and just wiggle and wiggle.  That is the one thing that stinks about having pets as they do not live long enough, but they are worth having. God rest his little soul. I will miss him and love him forever.

I’m trying to get better and I lose a best friend in the process!  My heart is broken!

Baptism #2  Baptism #3

Zak & Magnum  Zak on top & Magnum on bottom of photo

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